Autumn Maria Reed

Composer & Songwriter

Hear Some Music!

Compose for You

Now accepting NEW commissions for Film, TV, and more!


Autumn composes music for all genres, (including country!) She writes both melody and lyrics. Her preferred notation software is Sibelius® with NotePerformer® to create convincing demos.

Arrange for You

From small bands and symphonic ensembles — anything in between.


Did you know that Autumn`s first love is orchestrating and arranging existing songs? She loves different musical sounds!
This explains why she plays piano, bass, ukulele, some guitar, some drums, some violin, etc.


(w/AC "REP" Jones/Sophia Omarji/Drew Vega/Aaron Washington)

Produce for You

Collaborating with both instrumentalists and vocalists.


Autumn produces and records music in her home studio using Studio One®. However, in the past, she has worked with Sonar® and Cubase®. It`s easy to collaborate by exchanging .WAV and .MIDI files.