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AMReed8 is hoping to compose, arrange, and orchestrate for:
  • Cinema/Films
  • TV
  • Ads
  • 🎭 Theater
  • Contemporary Commercial Music
Studio One® and Sibelius® are her favorite digital audio workstation (DAW) and scorewriter.

This doesn't mean that she's unwilling to learn other music production software.

She can easily collaborate with ANY recording artists! Just export the stem files in common formats like .wav and .mid!

Consultations and estimates are always FREE, including a 30-second demo! She offers zero-commitment!



Autumn Maria Reed aka AMReed8 is a composer/songwriter from Madison, Wisconsin.

Autumn Maria Reed aka AMReed8

She started her career while in high school playing piano and double bass where she received a recognition from the UW-La Crosse Jazz Fest. She has performed double bass with the Madison Community Orchestra, UW-BME, and UW-Waukesha String Orchestra and has released two EP albums, “Autumn Maria Reed” and “The Late Season” and one single, “Smitten with You” via CD Baby. She needs to revise her published eBook, “Cheat Sheet: Notes for Beginning Songwriters.”

She cites influences from several diverse sources. She looks to composers like Alan Menken, Stephen Sondheim, and Stephen Schwartz for inspiration, as well as iconoclastic performers Diane Warren, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, and Madonna. They drive her creative nature and make share her music with each individual soul.

As of right now, she is focusing on composing library music with Milwaukee's The License Lab. She is networking with more artists in her area and online.
She is currently studying at Berklee College of Music to hone her production and composition skills and to create art that contributes to the world.

When she’s not composing, she keeps busy playing in community orchestras and ensembles in Wisconsin. She spends her spare time indulging in her love of web design, studying languages, learning about other people's religions, collecting Disney Princess merchandise and videos, trying to learn basic economics and civics, and watching films before the year 2000 and box office flops.

Above all, she loves to be with her family and friends and tries to honor Her Grand Creator.

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