Hear Some Music!

“MENTAL HEALTH SUITE” by Autumn Maria Reed

Performed by River Oaks Chamber Orchestra (ROCO) with Maestra Mei-Ann Chen.

“RESILIENCE” by Autumn Maria Reed

Performed by Brazil’s Orquestra Sinfônica Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro (OSTNCS) with Maestro Cláudio Cohen.

“GIANT STEPS” (arr. by Autumn Maria Reed)

The iconic jazz composition by John Coltrane is reimagined as a hip-hop fusion with elements from Ronnie Foster and A Tribe Called Quest.

Work With Autumn

Unlock the Soundtrack of Your Story

Now Accepting NEW Commissions for Film, TV, and Beyond!

Embrace the harmony of Autumn's creative expertise!

Dive into a world of bespoke musical enchantment with Autumn, your go-to composer for every genre, including the heartwarming notes of country!

What Sets Autumn Apart: Melodies that resonate with your narrative Lyrics that breathe life into your vision

Crafted with Precision: Autumn utilizes Sibelius® and NotePerformer® to orchestrate seamless and authentic demos, bringing your imagination to life in every note.

Elevate Your Musical Vision

From Intimate Ensembles to Grand Symphonies – She Arranges It All!

Unleash the Brilliance of Autumn's Arranging Expertise!

What She Offers: Tailored arrangements for small bands, symphonic ensembles, and everything in between Autumn's unique touch, blending diverse musical sounds with precision and passion

Autumn's Artistry: Did you know that her first love is orchestrating and arranging existing songs? Dive into a world where musical imagination knows no bounds!

Multi-Instrumental Maestro: Autumn's proficiency spans piano, bass, ukulele, guitar, drums, violin, and more. A symphony of instruments at her fingertips to bring your arrangements to life!

Ignite Your Sound

Collaborate with Instrumentalists and Vocalists – Your Vision, Her Production!

Let Autumn's Production Prowess Take Your Music to New Heights!

What She Offers: Seamless collaboration with both instrumentalists and vocalists Autumn's expertise in producing and recording, crafting a sonic journey tailored to your vision

Studio One® Magic: Autumn breathes life into your music in her home studio, powered by Studio One®. Past experiences with Sonar® and Cubase® showcase a versatile production journey.

Collaborative Simplicity: Exchange .WAV and .MIDI files effortlessly, making the collaboration process smooth and efficient.