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    Slave (2015)

    Talk Too Much (2016)

    Fall Feast (2016)

    Staying Warm (2016)

    Snow (2016)

    Gridiron Game (2016)

    Smitten With You (2017)

    About Me

    Autumn Maria Reed aka AMReed8

    Hi, I'm Autumn Maria Reed, also known as AMReed8. Americans tend to call me "Autumn" while non-Americans tend to call me "Maria."
    Either way, both names are on my birth certificate and passport.
    I'm a composer of jazz, orchestral, and pop and web designer from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
    Citing influences from several diverse sources, I look to composers Alan Menken, Stephen Sondheim and Stephen Schwartz for inspiration, as well as iconoclastic performers Diane Warren, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane and Madonna, the drive behind my creative nature steeped in the need to share music that feels good.
    When I'm not composing, I keep busy playing in community orchestras and ensembles in Wisconsin, taking classes through Berklee College of Music online, and spend my spare time indulging in my love of web design, studying languages, learning about other people's religions, collecting Disney Princess merchandise and videos, trying to learn basic economics and civics, and watching films prior to the year 2000 and box office flops.

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