About Autumn Maria Reed

Autumn Maria Reed aka AMReed8 is a composer/songwriter from Madison, Wisconsin.

Autumn Maria Reed aka AMReed8

To US Americans, she`s Autumn.
To non-US Americans, she`s Maria.
To a restaurant host, she`s Reed.

AUTUMN MARIA REED is a Wisconsin-based composer and Berklee alumna. Autumn has composed library and theatrical music for companies in Madison and Milwaukee. Her music is available to stream under the name AMReed8.

With Music Theatre of Madison, she composed and orchestrated for “BEYOND THE INGÉNUE: TRAILBLAZERS” and “AN AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY.” Her works include “YANKADI” for string quartet at LunART Festival and “RESILIENCE” for string orchestra performed by Brazil’s Orquestra Sinfônica Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro (OSTNCS) with Maestro Cláudio Cohen, Women’s Orchestra of Arizona, and Carthage College. Her work “MENTAL HEALTH SUITE” was performed by River Oaks Chamber Orchestra (ROCO) with Maestra Mei-Ann Chen.

She plays the string bass and cello with Dayvin Hallmon's The Black String Triage Ensemble and Black Diaspora Symphony Orchestra, where she composed “EXODUS FROM EXTINCTION” and “CRIES FROM OUR SOIL” for the symphony orchestra. This group performs string music for trauma and violence victims. A documentary short titled “Black Strings (2023)” was produced by filmmakers Marquise Mays and RJ Smith, featuring the ensemble. PBS has distributed the film on its platform as “What Does It Look Like to Bring a Violin to a Gunfight?” and YouTube channel, “When Musicians Become First Responders.”

She advocates ending the stigma of mental illness. Furthermore, she also values spending time with her family.

More info: linktr.ee/amreed8