Autumn Maria Reed`s Works


"Motherland" from An American Mythology

"Motherland" is a five movement origin story perfomed and co-written by Kailea Saplan & Autumn Maria Reed....

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"Something More"

"Something More" from Beyond the Ingenue: Trailblazers

"Something More", a biography of Viola Davis, is performed and co-written by Shaniqua "Nikko" Murphy & Autumn Maria Reed with Murphy as Davis....

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Stay Proud (2018)

Stay Proud (2018)

Hear the innocent piano and emotional strings from a 2018 webisode.

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Program Notes: "As part of Castle of Our Skins' BCMC and set to text by Karen Hayes, I THROW WORDS NOT HANDS is about communication through non-violence."

Tags: soprano, voice, cello

Program Notes: "A vocal acapella of "WALKING ON THE MOON" by The Police with a musical easter egg!"

Tags: voice, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, vocal percussion